Does your organisation have a bunch of different data tools and systems that need to share data with each other easily? Have you ever wondered how you can automate and integrate these critical systems? OpenFn helps health and humanitarian organisations in more than 40 countries automate key processes and integrate critical systems, so they spend less time managing data and more time focusing on their work.

This easy to use IT platform is designed to help IT staff and systems administrators spend less time combining and cleaning data manually, reducing costs while also improving speed and quality.

Recording of FCDO…

At COVIDaction we are lucky to work with some great minds in data. Whether they are helping us review grant applications, offering advice to grantees or aiding us in shaping our next steps, we are very grateful to the time and effort they all offer. We asked our experts to share their observations on responsible data so that we can share those learnings with you. Here are some of those reflections.

Data for COVID-19 starts with Responsible Data

Central to our ability to combat COVID-19 globally is real time, accurate and specific data. This data, however, can come with risks to personal privacy and security. … home page

COVID-19 and Data Rights

In April 2020, the world had just started to really come to terms with the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most international travel had ceased. Social and economic lockdowns were starting to take shape and be implemented around the world. Hasty emergency legislation was being passed in many countries to create a legal basis to tackle this unprecedented global health crisis. In other countries, actions were taken by decree without consultation or legal grounding.

Regardless of the precise circumstances, one of the things that we all had in common was the dawning realisation of just how powerful the digital devices…

On January 28, 2021, the COVIDaction Data team was thrilled to host a showcase of the 12 awards made as part of the Data Challenge and talk with our innovators about their response to the pandemic.

The big theme of the day of course was “Doing Data Right”. This topic was ably covered by Al Kags from the Open Institute and Gareth Mitchell, from the BBCs Digital Planet who discussed why this is a vital part of working with data at any time, let alone during a global crisis.

If you joined us for the event, we are so glad…

Siobhan Wilson Green

COVIDaction Data Challenge co-lead, Lead of Digital & Data Governance Transformation (DDGT) portfolio at IMCWorldwide

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